Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dead Batteries Tell No Tales by Ian Thomas Malone

When Ian Thomas Malone contacted me to review the prequel to his YA realistic fiction book Five High School Dialogues, I was very excited! In Dead Batteries Tell No Tales, Amber's phone has died, and she has to take the bus, both of which are things she has never had to deal with until now. Lucky for her, her classmate Jason reaches out to her. Amber and Jason learn that how they view life and social rankings are very different and try to figure out how to view people, as well as social status.

I enjoyed reading this funny new release! It is a quick, refreshing read for middle grade and young adult readers. It is not necessary to read this one before Five High School Dialogues, however it helps with background knowledge of Jason and Amber. The book is written in the same format as Five High School Dialogues, however I do not feel that there is a need for separate scenes due to the fact that it is one story. This book can help people change their thinking and views of the people around them.

I liked how their personalities and lifestyles were so different. Amber is rich and helps with cheerleading, while Jason is middle class and is in a money club. Jason is so nice and wants to help out, while Amber is so shocked that he doesn't have a phone! It was very funny!

I highly recommend that you read this book!

Title: Dead Batteries Tell No Tales
Author: Ian Thomas Malone
Publisher: European Geeks Publishing, LLC
Pages: 120 Pages
Series: Prequel to Five High School Dialogues
Rating: 4 Stars

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  1. Wow so sounds so interesting and funny! Definitely on my to-reads list!


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