Monday, September 4, 2017

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Nobody is a YA science fiction book about literally being nobody. A lot of people feel like they are nobody, or complain that nobody ever listens to them, but what if you actually were? Seventeen-year-old Nix is a Nobody. He has so little energy in his body that people don't notice him or remember him. Harnessing his lack of energy, he can also become transparent and fly. The Institute managed to find him when he was little, and with great difficulty, raised him to do their dirty work. Essentially, he is assassinating "bad" people. Nix goes along with what they say, until they tell him to get rid of Claire.

Nix always thought he was the only Nobody, until he meets Claire. Nix finds himself falling head over heals for Claire, and teaching her how to use her powers. Along the way, Nix realizes the real reason he was told to get rid of her. One Nobody is powerful enough, but when Claire and Nix put their powers together, they are unstoppable. As Nix discovers the truth about what the Institute's motives really are (basically world domination), the only way to survive is to take them down together.  

I would have liked Nobody more if there was less romance and more action. 80% of the book is all about them in love, which took away from the other storyline about the evil Institute. I feel like the love is situational love, not real. There is literally nobody else in the world who would look at them, so they kind of have to be together. Despite the situation of the fact that they are Nobodies, this is a prime example of instalove. (Instalove is a more extreme version of love at first sight.) This is made worse when the two characters act and talk like 10-year-olds instead of 17. The amount of romantic thoughts and dialogue threw me off track and lost my interest. However, this is also personal taste. All those Romeo and Juliet fans would probably like this more than me.

The Institute, the corruption, and their powers were underdeveloped. If I could change this book, it would be to cut half the lovey dovey. I would replace it with more about the Nobody's abilities and their mission to take down the Institute. All the information about Nulls and energy amounts are fascinating, and I think that the author focused too much on the wrong thing.

Other than all the romance, I did enjoy the book. The plot was so imaginative and thought out! I loved the immense detail and creativity. The suspense and drama was compelling, and I was anxious to untangle the mystery of The Institute and their world. The development of the setting and its imagery was well done. A lot of people can relate to the feelings these characters experience with not being noticed. I am very conflicted about Nobody.

While I enjoyed reading some of Nobody, I can't say that I like it or would read it again because of my personal taste in books. If you are a person who enjoys a lot of romance, I recommend this for you. Although I was not a huge fan of this particular book, I do want to read another book of the author's, The Naturals.

Title: Nobody
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Pages: 393 Pages
Series: No
Rating: 2 Stars

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