Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shoeburn and the Ill-Fitting Necklace (The Ruffet Conundrum Book 1) by Shoeburn Ruffet

Shoeburn and the Ill-Fitting Necklace is a new middle grade mystery book that I received from the author. Shoeburn is your average kid, just trying to get by in life. Occasionally spying on his father at work is the only real interesting thing he has done, until a very special necklace is stolen, and Shoeburn is pinned the thief. He is forced into finding it from Regina Wendle, the owner and most powerful person in their town. She will stop at nothing to get it back in comical ways. Meanwhile, Shoeburn will stop at nothing to find out what is so special about it, and why the necklace is related to his deceased mother. 

This is a quirky, simplistic adventure book that will hook young readers' minds, and at times will make them laugh out loud! Shoeburn is a character thrown into an unconformable situation but handles it nicely, lifting the darkness with entertaining word usage and thought-provoking metaphors that barely remain in context. Despite the unrealistic, hilarious circumstances, Shoeburn still appears realistic and connectable to readers. This book is a fun, leisure read that is sure to pass the time!

This is not an autobiography; the actual author (Chad Durling) is using a pseudonym representing Shoeburn, which is very unique and commendable. This book was originally scheduled to release on October 31st, but is postponed until December 7, 2017, due to adjustments with the cover. The cover was well worth the wait! It is gorgeous, and might be one of my favorites!

I highly recommend that you read this book! I can't wait to eventually read the next book in this series!

Title: Shoeburn and the Ill-Fitting Necklace
Author: Shoeburn Ruffet
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Series: Yes, Book 1
Rating: 5 Stars

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