Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ultimatum by K.M. Walton

Ultimatum is a YA realistic fiction book about two brothers dealing with their father's upcoming death. Oscar and Vance are brothers, but couldn't be more different. Oscar is misunderstood. He is bullied by his brother and laughed at by his father. He hides from his broken family and uses art as a release. Vance is best friends with their father and loves girls, sports, and parties. He can't stand that his brother doesn't stand up for himself and is so socially awkward.

After years of fighting, the two brothers must learn to band together when their father is on the verge of death from his alcoholism, leaving the brothers with a future as orphans. Told in alternating chapters of the past and the present, this book illustrates their tough past that will bring them together.

I love the simplicity of the cover, and the strong symbolism is absolutely true to the story. I feel like this would be a really good book for teen boys, or at least people with siblings. It showcases how tragedy can bring people closer together, and it can teach siblings strategies to get along. The contrast of the two brothers are crystal clear and provide huge character development. The past and the present chapters provide a background and context for their emotions and enhance the growth of the brothers. Ultimatum is very emotional and full of pain. There are more than a few tears shed in this book, and the boys' bravery and struggle will touch the hearts of all readers.

However, the touch of romance was not needed. It only complicated matters and somewhat distracted readers from the main importance. I also wanted more scenes after the death of their father. There were only two or three chapters about the aftermath and living on their own. I wish that struggle could have been intensified.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, and I do recommend it!

Warning: There is an extreme amount of alcohol consumption in this book, so I recommend this book only for older YA readers.

Title: Ultimatum
Author: K.M Walton
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 320 
Series: No
Rating: 4 Stars

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