Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bot Wars by J.V. Kade

Ever since Trout St. Kroix's dad disappeared two years ago while fighting in the Bot Wars, Trout has been looking for him. The Bot Wars began after robots became so human-like that they revolted and demanded more rights, causing the government to ban them from the Districts. Trout always believed the government. That is, until a video he posts to help find his dad goes viral, and the government abducts his brother, Po. Everything he thought he knew is now wrong, and the only way out of this puzzle is to find his dad, and that means throwing away everything he knew.

I liked the topic of the book, and robots taking over the world seemed very funny, and I thought it would be great! Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. I began this book not loving it, but was planning to finish it, until I had to put it down. For about a week, I forgot to pick it back up. I happened to stumble upon it yesterday, and all I remembered was that I was not a big fan. Looking back, I should have never picked it back up. 

The concept is very twisted, and the plot is sometimes hard to follow. In general, the amount of detail is hard to understand. In some parts, there is a lot of it, but on a part that doesn't matter that much, and not enough detail in the parts that do! Sometimes there would be a key piece of information that I feel is missing, so it gets challenging to keep up with. I think there should have been more in it about the humans, and not so focused on the robots and technical details. I feel that the book is shoving more things in it than is comprehensible.

The author (J.V. Kade) categorized it as a middle grade reading level, but I think that it should be Young Adult High School. I don't recommend this book, even for an advanced middle grade reader.

Title: Bot Wars
Author: J.V. Kade
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Pages: 368 pages
Series: Yes, Book 1
Rating: 2 Stars

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