Monday, July 13, 2015

Exile (Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 2) by Shannon Messenger

After I read Keeper of the Lost Cities, I was so exited to read more in this middle grade fantasy series. The adventures of Sophie Foster continue in the incredible second book, Exile. Sophie Foster is an elf, and was raised by humans. She has incredible powers, and with the mix of the two kinds of DNA, her abilities are even more rare and special than anyone ever thought. So special, that hidden secrets and abilities that nobody knows of are stored in her brain.

Sophie has just recovered from some traumatic events and is finally feeling safe again. She even gets to train the only female alicorn in the whole world! Unfortunately, things take a toll for the worst when the secretive group of the Black Swan contacts her once again. She takes a huge risk- one that ends up to be the difference between life and death. In order to save some she loves, Sophie must find a way to face her fears and unlock a secret in herself that could change the world.

A thing that I love about Exile is the fact that it feels like an extension of the first book. In a lot of books I read that are series, each book is different, and really doesn't fit with the first. But this one could really just be added on to the first and it would not make much difference! Also, a lot of second books make it feel like you are forgetting something, or like "when did that happen?" but this was not like that at all. I was worried that I might of forgot some things, but in the beginning it kind of summarizes all the major events that had happened.

Everything flowed together nicely, and nothing felt rushed or too slow. Given how great the first book was, I was scared that this one might not be able to live up to it, but I was wrong. The book was just as good, and maybe even better. The ending of Exile ended at the right time and fully concluded an adventure, while at the same time starting a new one.

I am super excited to read and review book three. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book, and this series.

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Title: Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile
Author: Shannon Messenger
Publisher: Aladdin
Pages: 576 pages
Series: Yes, Book 2
Rating: 5 Stars

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