Monday, September 14, 2015

Island of Legends (Unwanteds #4) by Lisa McMann

Island of Legends is the fourth book in the fantasy middle grade series, Unwanteds. Artimé is under attack from Pirates Island, since Alex has rescued some of their slaves. Even though they are under attack, he still promised to rescue Sky and Crow's mother, and there is no time to lose. The team goes on the journey, and learn that there are more creatures than they thought, and they are all in danger by an electric eel. Rescuing their mother is harder than they ever thought, and Alex must overcome his emotions to take control and save everyone before it is too late.

Island of Legends' greatest strength is the characters. For one thing, Alex's character is growing, and you see more and more of him every book. This is the only one of them with him so down on himself. Alex messes up one of his creations, his friends are fighting, and he and Sky are at ends. Alex has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and he has so much internal conflict. All of the characters' personalities really shined through, and I got to see them as themselves.

Another great thing about this is the creatures. Animals and statues helped in ways that saved their lives. The bond between animals and humans was so precious, and you saw Alex and the others really connect with them. Oh, and I almost forgot to talk about Fox! Gosh, he is hilarious. He is a dog who thinks he is a cat, which really livens up the story when something sad happened. He would always be there in the nick of time with something funny to say.

I really recommend this fantasy book and series.

Title: Island of Legends (Unwanteds #4)
Author: Lisa McMann
Publisher: Aladdin
Pages: 512 pages
Series: Yes, book 4
Rating: 5 Stars

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