Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Chaos (Numbers Book 2) by Rachel Ward

The Chaos is the second book in the intriguing science fiction fantasy trilogy, Numbers, about changing fate and saving the world. Adam has his his mother's gift. When he looks in someone's eyes, he sees the date they will die. But he has inherited more than that- he feels the pain of the person's death, and knows how they will die. In London, Adam realizes that everyone around him has the number of January 1, 2027. Apparently, Adam's mom Jem knew too, so she tells him to stay away from London, and that he cannot change what is going to happen, as she learned the hard way. As much as Adam wants to listen, his heart tells him to do something.

Then, Adam meets a girl named Sarah, who has the same nightmare every day about Adam and herself in the disaster on that day. Even though Adam's mother, Jem, warned him about telling people, and told him to never ever tell, he does. Adam and Sarah try to warn the world about what is coming, but nobody believes them, and nobody wants to listen to two 15-year-olds. Even worse, Sarah's baby has that date, and Adam promised to save her. He must figure out how to keep his promise to himself, and to the world.

Adam is a perfect mixture of both his parents. From Spider, he has a lot of anger and loses his temper. From Jem, he inherited his big heart. He refused to give up on the ones he loved, even when they wanted him to. I love how Adam is so much like his mother, always trying to be brave and optimistic. The Chaos takes place 16 years after the end of Numbers, and is told by both Adam and Sarah's perspective in every other chapter.

I cannot wait to read the third and final book in this incredible trilogy, Infinity.

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Title: The Chaos (Numbers #2)
Author: Rachel Ward
Publisher: Chicken House/Scholastic Inc.
Pages: 339 pages
Series: Yes, Book 2
Rating: 4 stars

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