Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Fallout (The Compound Book 2) by S.A. Bodeen

The Fallout is the sequel to the sci-fi mystery The Compound, an excellent young adult book to read and review. After escaping the compound and their father, Eli's family reunites with his twin brother Eddy and their grandmother, and try to get back to a normal life. Of course that is nearly impossible after being underground for six years. Also, his father's company is being transferred over to Phil, one of Rex's co-workers, and Eli is less than thrilled about it.

Also, it seems like everywhere they go someone is following them. Eli tries to figure out what is happening, while at the same time getting used to having Eddy around again. It seems like his father is not dead like they thought, and wants his family back. The members of the family must once again stick together to end this once and for all even if they don't like it.

I felt like there didn't even need to be a sequel due to how the author wrapped up The Compound, but I'm glad that there was one! This book really showcases how hard it really is to blend in. They had a hard time adjusting to going outside with all these people looking at them in a different way. I also liked that the book became better and better as the story progressed, developing more action like the first book. The ending of The Fallout was great. I love books that have epilogues, or at least some of what happens after the huge solution.

I highly recommend that you read this book!

Read my review of the first book, The Compound.

Title: The Fallout (The Compound #2)
Author: S.A. Bodeen
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 336
Series: Yes, Book 2 of 2
Rating: 5 Stars

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