Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Firefight (The Reckoners Book 2) by Brandon Sanderson

Firefight is the second book in the fantasy and sci-fi YA trilogy The Reckoners. 12 years ago, Calamity appeared in the sky, a bright red star or comet. It gave regular people superpowers, and they were called Epics. When they use their powers, their personality changes for the worse. David has a fascination with Epics, and has kept notes and journals about each one, landing him a position with The Reckoners.

Ending Steelheart was supposed to make David feel better. Instead it made him feel worse, and have more questions than ever. On top of that, Megan left him heartbroken, and David is determined to find her, and prove that not all Epics have to be bad.

One thing I liked was that the places they went to are actually places that exist today, but they called them different names. For example, Babylar, which we know today as Manhattan. 

I really liked that David still used crazy metaphors. For example, a potato in a minefield. I also liked the self-conflict with David. He was sworn to ending Epics, but Megan has changed that, and he finds himself challenging his beliefs which becomes an issue when he has to end more Epics.  

I highly recommend that you read this book and this series!

Title: Firefight (The Reckoners Book 2)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 416
Series: Yes, book 2
Rating: 5 Stars

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