Friday, May 6, 2016

Anywhere but Here by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Anywhere but Here is a realistic fiction YA book that deals with adjusting to change and the death of a parent. Cole lost his mom to cancer, and he misses her. He often pretends that he is talking to her and that she is right beside him. His dad has moved on and has a new girlfriend now, and that angers Cole. Cole also broke up with Lauren because she didn't understand him anymore. Unfortunately, she does not have a good response, especially when he starts dating Hannah. All the more reason to leave the town of Webster, but soon he discovers a secret that changes his perspective.

Anywhere but Here had a lot of conflicts. Every character had some sort of issue, and it was sometimes confusing what was happening in each. I felt like the characters did not really learn much from what happened, and I would have liked more of "I'm sorry."  Also, the breakup between Cole and Lauren was not as clear as I would of liked it to be. Cole was very self-centered, and I would have liked him to be nicer.

The plot was kind of twisted due to the variety, and so it lacked focus on a specific thing. I did like Cole's documentary, and it really summed up the book quite well. I also liked that the book brought up a lot of issues, but I feel there were just too many.

I do not regret reading this book, but I do not recommend it.

Title: Anywhere but Here
Author: Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 320
Series: No
Rating: 2 Stars

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