Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Calamity (The Reckoners Book 3) by Brandon Sanderson

Calamity is the final book in the science fiction fantasy trilogy, The Reckoners. When Calamity appeared in the sky, the Epics were born. After Steelheart killed his father, David joined the Reckoners. After a tragedy with Obliteration, Regalia has turned his friend into an enemy. David knew Prof’s secret and protected it, knowing that his friend could fight off the darkness. Unfortunately, battling Obliteration was too much for him, and he gave in to his Epic destiny. David is determined to get his friend back and defeat Calamity or he will die trying.

David's metaphors and similes were still hilarious and lightened up the mood of the book. The romance between David and Megan was just the right amount, not too lovey-dovey and not too boring. I liked exploring what Megan could do with her powers. I thought the settings were cool. There was a whole city made of salt!

Knighthawk was a very interesting character. He was cool, a spy helping from afar. It was kind of creepy that he was spying on their text messages, but it was helpful. His name is really interesting itself, and it fits who he is.

The ending of a series is very important to me, as it wraps up the series. However, Calamity has one of the least explained endings I have ever read! The epilogue should not even have existed, and the thing with David's dad leaves me very confused, and it pretty much destroys the whole point of the series. This was so extreme that I am labeling it as a 3-star book because of the ending.

Out of the three books, Calamity was my least favorite, but I recommend that you read this series. I am still glad that I own all three books!

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Title: Calamity
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 421
Series: Yes, Book 3
Rating: 3 Stars

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