Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frozen in Time by Ali Sparkes

This is one of the funniest and best science fiction books I have ever read. Rachel and Ben are bored to death with it raining every day. When the sun finally comes out, they go outside and find an underground vault in their garden! That's not all- inside they find two children around their age that have been in cryonic suspension since 1956! The children, Polly and Freddy, are shocked to learn that it is actually 2010. Freddy and Polly are actually Rachel and Ben's great-aunt and uncle! In a newspaper article from 1956 it says that their father is suspected for murdering them, and that their father has vanished! Freddy and Polly can't believe that their father would just leave them, and they are determined to find him. They can't go back, so now they are stuck in present time with microwaves, cars, earrings, CDs, computers, and so much more that's different that they have to get used to.

I loved how funny it is. Polly and Freddy's reactions to present day things are hysterical. Polly's reaction to earrings are especially funny! Freddy's solutions to problems are quite odd- but they work, and they're very funny! The general idea of the book is a great idea, and fun to imagine. There are other things blended in, and it is not focused on one thing, it has a lot of elements in it that add up to an amazing story.

The only thing I don't like is that there isn't a book number two. I really recommend this book, and I hope you all will be laughing along!

Title: Frozen in Time
Author: Ali Sparkes
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Pages: 320 pages
Series: no
Rating: 5 Stars


  1. After reading this review, I want now to read the book myself.

  2. After reading this review, I think I would love the humor in Frozen In Time. I hope I can get it at the Leland library!


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