Thursday, August 27, 2015

Firebrand (Elemental Trilogy #2) by Antony John

Firebrand is the second book in this young adult trilogy series. Thomas and his friends have managed to save the Guardians and steal the pirates' ship, but the danger is far from over. The pirates have control over their home, so they have to leave. With the help of Thomas' new element, they head south to Fort Sumter, a refugee colony. They quickly discover that as they leave Roanoke Island, their elements weaken. That is not the only problem. At Fort Sumter, Thomas discovers that they are all in danger, and their new home might be even worse than the one they left.

Firebrand was a definite improvement from the first book. Their elements were taken to a whole new level, and they discovered more things to do with them, which I greatly liked.

The characters were more emotional, and the book was not as fast, which gave more chances to connect with the characters. I kind of feel bad for them. Thomas has a hard life, and I admire him for standing up and taking charge even when he did not want to. 

The writing was not the best. The author told a lot of things, but didn't really show them. It was like a car without wheels. Instead of the author picturing the story for me, I had to do it myself and make up the story in my head. It made Firebrand more challenging than I would have liked.

I will still read the next book to finish the series, but if you have not read the series yet, I am not sure if you should.

Title: Firebrand (Elemental Trilogy #2)
Author: Antony John
Publisher: Dial
Pages: 304 pages
Series: Yes, Book 2 of 3
Rating: 3 Stars

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