Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Infinity (Numbers Book 3) by Rachel Ward

Infinity is the third book in the intriguing science fiction fantasy trilogy, Numbers. It's 2029, two years after the chaos, and Adam, Sarah and Mia are struggling to survive. Little Mia was supposed to die on New Years, but somehow she switched her number.

They are living in a tent city preparing for another hard winter, when a man named Saul who claims to be working for the government comes looking for Adam. He tells him that government wants Adam’s help in rebuilding the country, and that they can help and take care of Adam and Sarah, who is again pregnant, and Mia. When Adam refuses, he kidnaps Mia, forcing them to come too. Not long after, Sarah realizes that Saul's real intentions put Mia and Sarah's new baby in serious danger.

In Numbers, the story focused on Jem. In The Chaos, it focused on Adam, and in Infinity, it focuses on Sarah, Mia, and Sarah's new baby. I love that all the characters get a chance in the spotlight. Infinity combines elements such as family and survival to make a truly original third book. As a conclusion to a trilogy goes, the ending was good. Last books in a series can be hard to end, but this one was wrapped up quite nicely.

It is a good 100 pages shorter than the others, which is not a bad thing. Infinity was a little bit slow for my liking, but Numbers is a young adult trilogy series that I recommend you read!

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Title: Infinity (Numbers #3)
Author: Rachel Ward
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Pages: 249 pages
Series: Yes, Book 3
Rating: 4 stars

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