Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Storm (H2O Book 2) by Virginia Bergin

The Storm is the sequel to the YA dystopian book H2O, the American title for The Rain. Three months ago, before the rain started, an asteroid hit earth with space bacteria. It got in the clouds and infected them. If the rain hit you, then the bacteria gets in your body and destroys you from the inside out.

Now 97% of humanity is dead. Ruby is not convinced she can continue on her own. She accepts the army's protection, but soon Ruby is wishing she never came. She finds out the ultimate secret that she can't keep. Ruby must fight back to save the rest of the population. At the same time, Ruby also wants to finish the quest she originally wanted to accomplish- to find her dad, the only family she has left. 

The Storm was very disappointing. One thing I did not like very much was the change from the butterflies to the ink blotches. If you read the first book, you might remember how when a character was saying a bad word, the author put a butterfly in the space instead. This time, it was splatters of ink. It looked like a tiny explosion. While the imagination of what it could be was cool, it was distracting and it make the tone of the book more negative. 

The part about her dad was way shorter than I expected it to be, and not what I was expecting. For what it was worth, I wanted it to be better. There were events that could be left out and took up too many pages. The plot was confusing and certain events did not add up. There was a huge twist that made no sense. The ending was okay, but was not very good for ending a series. 

I do not recommend that you read this book or series. It was a cool idea, but was not developed well. I regret buying this book.
Title: The Storm (H2O Book 2)
Author: Virginia Bergin
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 336 
Series: Yes, Book 2 of 2
Rating: 1 Star

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