Monday, July 25, 2016

Will to Survive (The Rule of Three Book 3) by Eric Walters

Will to Survive is the final book in the YA dystopian series, The Rule of Three. In order to protect his family and save his life, Adam had to take action. It had to happen, but that has changed Adam. Watching and doing are two different things, but he has to be brave.

In addition, Brett got away. He is out to get Adam and destroy the neighborhood, and he knows all their secrets. Adam has to conquer his fear and face him once again.

Adam, once again, was an incredible character, and I was hooked on how he would react and the decisions that he would make. Adam had to act to protect himself, but it made Adam irritable, upset, and depressed. He was under a lot of pressure and was scared. I loved how his friends helped him, and I liked how he manipulated his enemies.

I would have liked there to be more happy moments, as this book's mood was sad. The cover art is very detailed, which I liked, and it really captures the idea of the story line.

I enjoyed knowing about the city and other developments. That information helped me to make predictions. The ending was sad, but the last sentence of the book was what I was looking forward to. While I wish there could be a fourth book, Will to Survive was a satisfying conclusion to the series.

I recommend that you read this series!

Title: Will to Survive (The Rule of Three Book 3)
Author: Eric Walters
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Pages: 320
Series: Yes, Book 3
Rating: 4 Stars

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