Thursday, October 11, 2018

Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams

Miles From Ordinary is a YA realistic fiction book about a girl attempting to care for her ill mother. Lacey's mother is very sick, and struggles with severe anxiety and depression. She also does dangerous and bizarre things because she hears the voice of her dead father telling her to. Lacey's aunt used to help care for her, but her mother kicked her out and even got a restraining order, leaving Lacey to take care of her by herself.

After Lacey's mother's latest spending spree that leaves them nearly broke, Lacey is forced to let her mother take a job at the grocery store while she goes to the library. However, four hours later, Lacey cannot find her mother, and is forced to confront her mother's demons.

While I found this book to be extremely fascinating and captivating, it is also very strange and frightening. I am not really sure what the author was trying to accomplish, but if it was horror, she succeeded. I have read my fair share of books with characters struggling with mental illness, but none as terrifying as the mother. The ideas were so twisted. This book would be better categorized as a physiological thriller.

It was also very short. I was missing all these details that I wanted, and I was very confused because some things weren't adding up. For example, if her mother is truly as sick as she seems, why wait until now to get her aunt, especially if they were almost broke. Okay, and common sense- her first mistake was leaving her mom alone. With a history like that, she should have hired a care-taker or something. 

Don't get me wrong- it is extremely well-written and I was completely engrossed in the book. It is also very different than anything I have ever read, but in this case it is too different. While I was reading Miles From Ordinary, I enjoyed it. However, it was just so strange. I commend the author for making me scared during it, and it was a great thrill, but I cannot get past how unrealistic and creepy it was. 

While I did not particularity enjoy this book, I will try another book from the author, The Chosen One.

Title: Miles From Ordinary
Author: Carol Lynch Williams
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 197
Series: No
Rating: 3 Stars

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