Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Teen Book Lover

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. If you want to participate, click here. This week's theme is Ten Signs You're a Book Lover. This one was super fun to think of and write! Let me know in the comments what you think or have anything to add!

                                             1. You Can be Found in the Library
This one is super obvious and straightforward, but I felt I had to include it! Also, walking out of the library with books in your arms!

2. You Pay Attention in English Class
Chances are that students who choose to pay attention care about the book. Mostly students who actively participate in class discussions about the assigned book (ESPECIALLY when it's Shakespeare!) and offer valid insights took the time to read it and perhaps enjoyed it. 

3. You Insert Similes/Allusions of Literature Into Everyday Conversation
Here's an example- my friend and I were arguing/talking about violence in schools and I immediately brought up Anger is a Gift. Frequently inserting in conversations "Oh, yea, like in [book]..." or quoting from your favorite author is a sure sign! Also is when you MUST vent to your best friend about the ending of a book you just read!

4. You are Constantly Recommending Books
This ties into #3, but If you hear someone talking, for example, how they are interested in social advocacy and women's rights, do you immediately jump up and tell them to read Audacity, like I do? Or, do you constantly give book recommendations to your friends, or even teachers?

5. Your Favorite Gift is a Book (or Gift Card to Buy One)
For your birthday, or Christmas or Hanukkah, do you ask for a new book instead of a new video game or clothes? Do you search for the perfect book to give an important person in your life?

6. You are Very Upset when a Character Dies
When reading a book and a character dies, do you become very sad and maybe cry, despite them not being real? Are you very upset and feel personally impacted when an author dies? Actually, in general, do you ever have intense feelings while reading and ever become passionate or invested in a character? If so, then you are a book lover!

7. You Have Book-related Museums on Your Bucket List
If your dream vacation is going to the Library of Congress, the American Writers Museum, The National Steinbeck Center or Emerson's house, you are totally a book lover!

8. You Have Book-Related Holidays Written on Your Calendar
Do you have it written on your calendar or memorized that January 2nd is National Science Fiction Day, or that Februray 14th is Library Lovers Day or how March 1st is Read Across America Day or how December 10th is Dewey Decimal System Day? If you are excited when it is your favorite author's birthday then you are TOTALLY a book lover! (P.S.: https://bookriot.com/2018/08/29/book-holidays/)

9.  The Book is ALWAYS Better Than the Movie
If you prefer the Maze Runner or the Hunger Games or Divergent to the movie versions, no question, or refuse to even watch the movie because you know you will be disappointed, you are totally a book lover!

10. You Have Books... Everywhere!
If you can be seen carrying a book (or two) everywhere you go, chances are you are a book lover. Is your room taken up by books EVERYWHERE in huge piles?


  1. I haven't been to many book-related museums. Someday that needs to change.

    My TTT .

  2. I not only payed attention, I answered questions. Wish I had more students like that when I taught it. http://pmprescott.blogspot.com/2020/03/ttt-033120.html


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