Sunday, April 12, 2020

Death by Midnight (The Secret Life of Anna Goode Book 1) by Nicole Nadeau

48860597. sy475 Death by Midnight is a YA realistic fiction mystery book that I received from the author. Anna Goode is a teenage genius and secretly uses her intelligence to build gadgets and other miscleansious inventions. When Russian terrorists kidnap her parents, they make a demand- Anna and her best friend Jake must build a bioweapon and outsmart the CIA- or else her parents die.

Jake is the best friend one could ask for. He's one of the most loyal characters I have ever read, and I love his strive to save Anna no matter the mortal danger to himself. Anna is truly remarkable, not just for her genius IQ and invention skills, but for her moral drive to save her parents and her vastly creative critical thinking skills. Her courage is extraordinary and I admire her ability to stay calm and logical in extreme situations. Everybody's moral compass is a little off, and I enjoyed the internal conflict on Anna's part of doing the right thing or getting her family back. In the coming books, I hope a romance between Anna and Jake can be explored.

Death by Midnight is quite a Goode, (see what I did there) fun read! This book is also very relevant today with the Covid-19 outbreak. It is extremely action-packed with plenty of gripping fight scenes. The fights are very detailed and are thrilling in its fast pace. My only complaint is that some of them seem a little unbelievable. I love the suspense and anxiety of the time limit and guessing the mysterious parts along the way. The writing is clean and descriptive. Death by Midnight is a story I will totally read again!

I recommend that you read this book!

Title: Death by Midnight (The Secret Life of Anna Goode Book 1)
Author: Nicole Nadeau
Publisher: Nicole Nadeau
Pages: 303
Series: Yes, Book 1
Rating: 5 Stars

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